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My name is Mr. Joseph Elias. My profession is a social worker.

I established FONELISCO in order to provide a safe haven for the most vulnerable members of the Tanzanian society. I started the organization after talking with the street children and orphans about their needs and financed the establishment through selling self-made postcards and necklaces.

When I was a child I saw a family of children who were orphaned at a young age. They were constantly hungry and without clothes or education. I would give them my food and occasionally went hungry myself. Taking them food and seeing the joy it brought to them made me realize I could help other people too.

Through this experience I learnt that without food and other basic needs no one can function aptly. I started FONELISCO because I have always had an urge to help those less fortunate than myself. I feel like I play my part in society and for the children of my local region. I am interested in helping children in difficult circumstances by providing destitute children with accommodation, food, health care and education opportunities.

Joseph Elias Mabinga