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FONELISCO updates, October 2016

1. CHILDREN: We still have the children, Many of them are going to school. During the reporting time there are 58 children at the Orphanage. 26 are girls and 32 boys.

2. FOOD: We are facing food crisis at the Orphanage. The food we have will last until October 15, 2016. With the limited food budget we have we are managing to provide three meals a day, breakfast in the morning, lunch and dinner for both school children and those who are not going to school. The food we always provide to the children is lacking a lot of nutrients and Vitamins. We ask all our friends and supporters to help increase the food budget so that our children can have more food with nutrients and vitamins which can help with their growth, any donation is welcome small or big, this can help a lot. If you are in Germany please send a donation directly to Fonelisco e.V, they are our main donor. And when you are situated in other countries just contact us then we will tell you where to send your donation. We have some Fonelisco representatives in different countries...like Denmark, The Netherlands, Cech republic etc....

3.FONELISCO ACTIVITIES: During the reporting period, the organisation has been indulging itself in:
3.1 Education: Giving preliminary education to children in numeracy and literacy. International volunteers from Finland Eeva and Leer together with Local staff Eddy and Yvon have been teaching our children English, Mathematics, drawings and playing footbal. Also art (drawing pictures), drumer, constructive stories and songs are inclusive.
3.2 Games: We are doing a lot of games in order to make our children physically fit and active, children play drums, football, skipping, cards, puzzles, lego,uno, ... These games also help them in being kept busy.
3.3 Spiritual needs: Moslems are free go to worship in mosques and Sundays christians to churches. They are happy on this.
3.4 Counselling: We counsel children with the aim of changing their way of life. In our Fonelisco's schedule we have counselling days, Monday to Friday. Counselling has helped children to become kind, polite and docile, a picture different from when they were, right when entering the orphanage.
3.5 Medical care: Due to the fact that Fonelisco faces very limited budget which makes harder for budgeting, we have no money for health care.This situation puts Fonelisco in difficult situations again.
3.6 Home visiting: This has been done depending on economical situations of the organisation. The staff concerned together with international volunteers visits the families of the children, mostly their guardians. The aim of home visiting is to strenghten a good relationship among Fonelisco, the child and his/her guardian.
3.7 Street night work: It is not on our schedule nowdays due to lack of money but can happen only when the volunteers/interns are interested and they real want to do it.The main purpose of this practice is to console those on streets and whenever possible buy them some food, not all of course. It is a tough task but we always keep ourselves motivated. We try to convince them to leave such terrible life and join Fonelisco or other orphanages.
3.8 Integration: Being Fonelisco's focal point, this is done to those who are willing to be sent back to their parents/guardians. The main category being the street children. During the reporting time none of them have been reintegrated back to their families. It's an item, which requires money for fare,
accommodation, food etc...
3.9 Projects: Since the fence is finished, we are now intending to start up a rice project to the new land. The fence is helping to protect Hippos from eating the rice and other vegetables.More updates about the project will follow to the next newsletter.. The cows project is proceeding well. Children continue to get milk everyday

4. FONELISCO STAFF.. The staff are really working hard. The biggest problem we have not paid their salaries for two months now. Some have families to support.We kind ask anyone who is interested in supporting the staff with their salaries. The staff are very important to the children. Without the staff it is very difficult for the children to care for themselves...
Other news: We still have the broken pipes challenges at the orphanage which leads to the huge amount of water bills. The solution for this linkage is to fix it.. this will help us save money that we spent in paying the huge water bills..Whoever interested in helping fixing the water linkages is welcome, we are happy to provide you with the budget for it. On top of that we have very good news concerning education, Paul our older boy who just finished the form six exams this year passed the exams and already selected to join Bachelor of Arts and Education to the St. Augustin University in Mbeya region. Since we received the information very late and he has to arrive at the university on Saturday, October 15th for admision and registration, We ask all our Fonelisco friends and supporters to contribute to his tuition fees, accommodation and food during the time that he will be at the University. First semester starts October 15, 2016. He won't be accepted to the University without a tuition fee.