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Our aim is to help the most vulnerable members of the Tanzanian society especially orphans and street children by providing:

  • Education (primary, secondary, high school and vocational training)

School fees and other school supplies will be given to the children, so they can attend school and concentrate on learning. The very young ones are taught in the centre at FONELISCO. Also art like drawing pictures is given to them with the aim of stimulating their talents.

  • Food

The children take three meals per day, mostly typical African food such as Ugali, Rice, porridge etc.

  • Health care

The organization has not got enough funds for major treatments. But minor ailments such as coughs, sores, dysentery and even malaria can be treated.

  • Counselling

This is done according to schedule with the aim of changing their way of life. This has proved very fruitful because most of them have become affable, polite and docile, a picture different from when they were, right when entering the centre. There are also rules, which were made by the children themselves for harmony purposes at their surroundings.

  • Night street work

FONELISCO considered it not enough to only counsel the children at the centre. Hence does it also on street during night works on activity. Whenever the finances allow this, we do that Night Street Work. Apart from counseling it is whereby new children are considered and convinced to retire from the hard life on street and join centres like FONELISCO. Some immediately respond positively to this and to some it takes time.

  • Reintegration

Beeing FONELISCO focal point, this is done to those who are willing to be sent back to their families (parents, guardians). The main category is reintegrating the street children. It is an item, which requires money for fare, food, accommodation etc.

  • Home visiting

The staff concerned visiting the families of the children mostly their guardians accompanied by the children themselves. The sole aim of home visiting is to strengthen good relationship among FONELISCO, the child and his (her) guardian. To make the guardian realize that his (her) child is cared for and to slake the guardians brain tension about his (her) child's problems. The guardians feel happy and relieved.