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Almost a hundred children are currently registered in the FONELISCO organization. Not all of them

are sleeping in the orphanage, but everybody gets support from the organization for education.

That means FONELISCO is paying their school fees and other school running materials.

You can support FONELISCO in this case and help the organization with the program

Sponsor a child”. That means yous pay for one child the school fees, the transportation

to and from school, for food, clothing and health care. You pay this for half a year or yearly

and therefore you help the organization with a regular income so that they can provide education

for the children on a constant level.

You will also have the opportunity to keep in touch with the child via letters and email and the
child can send you information about his or her school performance. This is a very personal

and nice way and the kids will appreciate this a lot, because they know that there is somebody

who cares for them, especially those who do not have parents anymore.

You can choose to support Primary, Secondary or High school children. The costs for secondary

and high school children are higher because of the school fees and more examination fees. The

rest of the costs include a school uniform, transportation costs to the school and return, food,

clothes and shoes after school, health care (for at least one time going to the hospital each year)

and running costs like soap for washing etc. For detailed information and an exact list of the

costs contact Mr. Joseph Elias, he would be happy to send you all the information you need.


Breakdown of Cost for Secondary School (f. ex. Sunrise Secondary School (Private))

(All prices are in Tanzanian Shillings, click here for a currency converter)


Obligative fees

School Fees - 650,000/=

Ream of Paper (2) - 24,000/=

Uniform - 60,000/= (most children already have a uniform so this is not always necessary)

External Examinations - 15,000/=

Sports and Games - 25,000/=

Graduation - 10,000/= (all children pitch in for the graduation of form IV children)

Form II Mock Examination - 15,000/=

Form II National Examination - 15,000/=

Form IV Mock Exmination - 15,000/=

Form IV National Examination - 35,000/=


Total obligative fees: 864,000/=


Optional fees

Lunch at School - 1,000/= per day or 192,000/= per year (not paid directly to the school but to Fonelisco who will then pay the restaurant where the kids eat. The lunch improves the concentration of the children a lot so that we would appreciate your support concerning this a lot!)

Study Tour - 100,000/= (class trip to serengeti, ngogrongoro, etc. - not essential but a nice treat for the kids)


Total obligative fees: 292,000/=


Total fees: 1,056,000 TZS (around 650 USD)


If you are interested in sponsoring a child, not all fees for that child are required to be paid by you (the first priority is the 650,000/= school fees). We have recently changed our policy due to differences in what the school and sponsors have told us about which fees were paid so we therefore request that all money for school related expenses be sent to Fonelisco directly, either through western union or our bank account. Please send an email to Joseph Elias, director of FONELISCO, with what fees you will be sponsoring for a child. If you have a particular child in mind please let us know, if not one can be chosen for you. You will be provided with a receipt of confirmation that the fees have been paid.

Thank you for all your continued help and support.