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The local staff team is very important in our daily life at the orphanage. They all are doing amazing 
work and help to realize our dream because they raise up FONELISCO.

 "Wanajenga FONELISCO yetu"

Because of this importance of our local staff we would like to present you every single one as they
contribute something to our work.

Pius Francis

Pius is our "Alrounder" we call him like this because he can do so many things no matter if it is
a broken lamp which need to be fixed, a child who needs support or educating our children.
Furthermore he helps Chale with the cleanliness in the boys house.



Charles Lusaka

Charles is doing Sports and Games with our children, because doing sport activities is
very important for the health of a child. He plays Volleyball, Soccer or even
Running Games with them.



Eddie is responsible...




Chale Mussa
( Picture is coming soon)

Chale is responsible for the cleanliness and washing in the boys house. He awakes early
in the morning in order to clean their bedrooms, the floors and the bathroom.
As he sleeps with the boys in the same house he is like a brother to them and he
educates them.

John Makoye (Picture is coming soon)

John is originally a " Fonekid " but now he works in the local staff as long as he waits
for his college place. He plays with the kids, and he is a great help to every Volunteer
who teaches the Fone Classes - he translates from English to Swahili which makes it
far easier to teach our kids.

Sophie (Picture is coming soon)

Sophie is the new matron of the girls house. She sleeps there with her little daughter and is
responsible for cleanliness, washing and educating the girls.

Helen Gamawishi

Helen is mostly working in the Volunteerhouse as she cooks for all Volunteers and goes
to the market everyday. But she is also present in the orphanage as she is responsible
for treasure, food and items for the kids.